At HTM Graphics we feel that 2D Drafting remains a critical function in engineering, we follow the AS1100 drawing principals to produce quality 2D drawings suitable for quotation, manufacturing and assembly purposes.


Where required, customer drawing templates are used to produce drawings.

  • Drawing Revisions
  • Engineering Change Requests
  • Sketches to Drawings
  • Product Part Approval Process (PPAP)

There are a number of options available for sending & receiving data between HTM Graphics and our customers, these include the following:

  • HTM Graphics ftp site – password protected for your privacy!
  • Direct Email
  • Files burnt to disc and express posted using tracking number.

Drawing Revisions

Clients occasionally require that their old 2D drawings be revised/changed or corrected for notes, dimensions, tolerances etc. We help our customers by performing these critical, yet time consuming tasks, within the shortest period and highest level of efficiency, possible.

Engineering Change Requests

Engineering change orders require that drawings be updated for various details such as materials used, standards, manufacturing details and other such engineering specifications. These changes require tremendous efforts from our clients and hence we help you execute these, with utmost ease and simplicity. Once the change is provided to us in the form of sketches or manual corrections, we update your drawings and provide you with Adobe files and the source file for the Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings & modeling.

Sketches to Drawings

At the design stage, you may sketch your ideas onto rough sheets of paper and require these designs to be formalized. That’s where HTM Graphics comes in! We take your rough sketches, rough drawings or manually corrected drawings and generate them into professionally edited, engineering drawings. Those important details that may have been left out, are at times filled in by us or we contact our clients, to help us fill in missing details, over telephone or email.

Product Part Approval Process (PPAP)

At HTM Graphics we understand that there are often times additional drawings are required that differ from the normal part or assembly type drawings. Where required, additional drawings are supplied to meet Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) requirements.

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