FormLabs Form 2 SLA Printer

FormLabs Form 2

FormLabs Form 2 SLA Printer

Available now at HTM Graphics is the latest in 3d printing technology. Form 2 is the most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created.  At the heart of the machine is a powerful optical engine guided by custom-built galvanometers, delivering big prints with spectacular detail. The Form 2 enables the printing of precise models with stunning surface finish – significantly smoother and more detailed than other plastic 3D printing technologies with printing resolution ranging from 25-100 microns.

Some of the available Resins:

Clear Resin – polishes to near optical transparency, making it ideal for working with light or show casing internal features.

White Resin – captures smooth surfaces and details, making it great for presentation-ready pieces or as a base for painted prints.

Grey Resin – is perfect for general purpose prototyping and design, excellent for capturing small detail.

Black Resin – formulated for models with very small features and intricate details.

Tough Resin – simulates ABS. Less brittle than standard resins. Great for rugged prototypes and assemblies.

Durable Resin – simulates Polypropylene, ideal for parts that require a ductile plastic that can flex.

Flexible Resin – simulates an 80A durometer rubber and makes parts that can bend and compress.

High Temp Resin – has an HDT of 289 degree C @ 0.45 MPa, ideal for static applications that wil undergo higher temperatures

Castable Resin – burns out cleanly with no ash or residue, capturing your high-resolution prints through investment casting.

Dental Model Resin – is a high performance material for crown and bridge models with removable dies.

For more information on 3D printing and the materials available call us on +61 409 584 987 to discuss your requirements.

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